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Ladies and Gentlemen, this one is for all of those people who are finding work a little bit hard. This is not a blog you can live vicariously through. This blog is for the Moof's of this world: showing that the grass is sometimes not greener. In fact, sometimes it's a dirt paddock.

As you may or may not know, I was shipped off to Merak, Indonesia to work. I'm staying in Cilegon. So, enough with the talk, here's what I've captured so far.

As I said, the main purpose of the trip is work. Here are the guys lining up to punch out for the day.


And to get to work I take the company bus. So, here's my view from the bus ride.



And here's the shopping on the way home.



And the best part, the level rail crossing. These houses are all close to public transport.


But, public transport can be infrequent, so you may need to kip while you wait.


But the local bus is pretty pimped out.


However, there is some good stuff going on here. For example, the mi goreng available in the supermarket is a student's dream


But it's better to wander down the road, sit yourself under the make shift tent restaurant and try to order it off the streets. All you gotta do is smile at the people staring at you.


And the moment you've all been waiting for, mi goreng that's cheaper than 25 cents and 25 times better.


I've manage to help some local students with their Engrish. They asked for the photo to prove to their teacher they found a Engrish speaker and talked to them.


I managed a night out with a few of the lads from work. They loved it.


And here's "Keith" in what he described as "a compromising position."


So, there you have it. But, before I go, some novelty photos I got in the supermarket.

The secret is out.




Thanks to all who have kept in touch while I've been gone. I really really appreciate it.
Love to all and I'll see you all when I get back.


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Thanks for the post Kerr. How long have you been living in Indonesia? The pictures from the bus reminds me of Fiji, expect Fiji was completely flooded. Looking forward to seeing Trickey in a few weeks.

Way to keep the Travel Planet blog alive.



by Dooza

An instant classic Kerr. Much like Mi Goreng. A meat and potatoes blog - not flashy or fancy, but getting the job done in a deeply satisfying manner. Although your "Kerr and the Five Dwarfes" photo should be an award winner as far as I'm concerned.


by MOB

Yes, if only I had my camera with me ready to go everywhere. I mean, I've seen 5 monkeys so far, one having a ninja battle with a snake. Not to mention the loads of Indonesian construction workers holding hands in a non-fruity show of friendship. Another blog has to be in the pipe line, watch this space for more.

by MOB

Great work buddy, good to see the blog alive and kicking again. It needed to happen.

Quality photos. I just had dinner but I'm hungry again after looking at that steaming pile of mi goreng.

Can you bring me back one of those toy vans with the spoiler. They are sick as. I'd love to race a wog in a VN in one of those at the lights.

Take it easy bud, catch you soon

by willh

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