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In Search of the Highland Coo

A wee trip north of the border

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My travels of late have mainly involved a weekly tube pass and a lemming impersonation on the way to my London office (I have recently got myself a job in the one place I said I wouldn't), but last weekend me ma, me da, me bonnie lass and meself did something (almost) worth writing about. We took the high road to Scotland.

I had undertaken a similar trip three years ago with my then travel partners Andy T and Em Web so hopefully they can take pleasure in seeing Scotland a few years on.....
castle in highlands.JPG

mum dad me.JPG

My Aunty Margaret, a.k.a. Mother Mary, is the head sister of the Carmelite Nuns in Dysart (north of Edinburgh), so we based ourselves in the humble self equiped cottage previously owned as part of a hunting lodge, by the Earl of Roslyn. Impressive:


me anne margaret.JPG
My bonnie lass, my wee Scottish Aunty and my grand self

Our brief Scottish travels included the beautiful city of Edinburgh...
liam edin.JPG

the most famous golf course in the world (St Andrews)...
st andrews golf.JPG

Dunne Castle.JPG

top of castle.JPG

liam dance.JPG

me and dad..le door.JPG

Yes, that is the Castle that was used to film 80% of Monty Python and the Holy Grail. And yes, we did stumble upon it in a random little town called Doune. And yes, it did instantly make it the best day of my life, apart from the first day I saw the footage of Tyson the skateboarding dog of course (if you haven't seen it, do yourself a favour).

We also saw an old favourite of mine...
butts wynd.JPG
Thommo and Em should remember this fondly

and a new favourite...
weak bridge.JPG

Alas, I'm now writing this blog not from a castle or a hunting lodge, but from a swivel chair in a London Underground office working nine to five what a way to make a living....
The job is with an engineering company called Faber Maunsell and if I recommend someone to the company and they get a job, I get £1000 pounds. So where the bloody hell are ya?
Anne is currently working in Londons best patisserie, bringing home plenty of pain chocolat and croissants, and the two of us are sharing a room in a nice house in zone two.

Considering coming home for Christmas at this stage, but availability of flights might have something to say about that.

Love to all,

Liam 'Paddy Melon' Callaghan

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Eastern Europe - Part I

There will be an update soon, I promise!!

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Hello remaining blog checkers. First, I am sorry that it has been a while between blogs, but we are in 4 different places at the moment, so, we're a bit of a mess.
Second, this is an incomplete blog, because the computer here in Riga is unable to read CD's as it's a piece of poo. But, as soon as possible, I will update this blog (or do a new one, whatever is easier).

So, as I said, I'm in Riga. Highlights here have been some Spainish and Italians playing "Monopoly" and the Italian saying "you still owe me twenty eighta dollars." It brought great happiness to this me for this age old sterio-type.
Also, I fired an AK 47, much like Melon, Hengel and Morto before me. However, I managed to get a couple of photos, too.

This was the entrance. A little off putting, particularly as I was on my own.

gun entrance.jpg

And this is me with the fabled AK47. What a gun.


There were also these gaurds marching around the "Freedom Monument" here in Riga.


And this character that some of you will remember from John Safrans "Music Jamboree," the "Music Mole."

(that one goes out to Gareth)

In Lithuania, I went to the "Hill of the Crosses" but at the bus stop, I found this giant strawberry, who looked a bit out of it.


Also, in Vilnius, there is a statue (and possibly the only one it the world) of "legendary" rocker, Frank Zappa.


Now, as it is the Spring Racing carnival at the moment, I am sure that many of you a dolling yourselves up and heading off to the track. Now, some of you may need some help, so here are some suggestions from the Baltics. (Please note: more to come.)

For the men:
man bag.jpg

For the ladies:
female fashion.jpg

So, like I said, sorry it's a bit short on photos, but there will be more to come soon, I promise.

So, as alway, love to all, esp. the people who bother to comment, (or send futsul pump up emails).


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Turkey II

The anticipated sequel to the entry from the director of the acclaimed 'Man Asleep In Chair'

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Well Melon Anne and Hannah had talked Turkey up and 5 weeks ago it was time to check this place out for meself (that is, Morto flying solo) and see what the fuss was about.

Some random photos to follow for your viewing pleasure


I have come to the conclusion camels are up there with the finest creatures ever to have walked the planet


Running wild and free on a city street, these goats were natural lawnmowers (also high on the finest creature list for mine)


The best tourist information guy ever, but not if you don't want your arse kicked in backgammon (check out the flared jeans and haircut, awesome).


The look on your face when you fear for your camera's safety from some super friendly locals


After 2 days of travel and a hellride on the bus, these stone heads near Syria were all that and then some


These slip on plastic beauties enabled me to trek a gorge in Turkey... I might have to ask the ladies to form an orderly queue again me thinks...

Anyway overall Turkey got 10/10.

Til next time


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