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Picturesque Portugal

The land of "Super Bock" and piri piri chicken

sunny 26 °C

OK so I went to Portugal and yes it was totally sweet. But my tale does not begin so sweet, it starts with me setting my alarm but not turning it on, hence making it to Stansted airport at 7:55am for my 8:00am flight. My destionation was supposed to be Santiago de Compostela just north of Portugal, but the next flight was not until the same time the next morning. After discussing with the friendly Ryanair representative I managed to secure a seat on the next flight directly to Porto, at 6:30pm that night. As a result I had to spend the next 11 hours of my life stuck at Stansted airport sleeping, reading, roaming around and bored out of my brain.

So let's get onto the good bit, the cool parts of my Portugal experience.

My first Portugese stop was Porto the home of the Australian drunks beverage of choice, Port Wine. One day of my days in Porto I hopped on the train and headed to a beach called Espinho for a little bit of relaxation. Turns out the Atlantic was a bit too rough and real cold to swim in, but at least there was a bar on the beach serving the northern Portugese brew with undoubtedly the greatest name for a beer on earth, "Super Bock".


When I was wondering around one day I came across this young lady sitting on her balcony overlooking the street. She was just taking it easy in the warm afternoon sun, aspiring for that "all over" tan.

Whoa easy there, before you all email calling me a pervert, that's just a mannequin. I don't really know what she's doing there, it just looked funny that's all

One final picture of the historic port area of Porto


Lisbon is the pumping capital of Portugal and was a really awesome place. Lots of little streets and a cool bar sort of suburb where everybody just stands out on the streets with their drinks and has a good time. The next picture is the view down a street with a classic Lisbon tram.


Here we have the view of the bay from a hill


Here we have a badass Lisbon guard in front of some government building. Please note the sword, huge boots and tights pants


The southern coast of Portugal is called the Algarve. I visited a town called Lagos and stayed at a hostel where the ratio of Australians was higher than any other place I had ever stayed. The entire town itself was completely overrun with english tourists. I don't think there were any Portugese people living there at all.


I went to the beach here as well but rather than swim I just jumped off this huge rock. It was only about 12-15 metres high. I only hit the bottom the second time I jumped off, but don't worry it was really deep.

That really is me about to plunge to the depths, I am such a badass.

Well that kind of wraps up some of the highlights and stuff. Here is one more item for you all. When I was in Seville I checked out this building that had all these small tiled monuments for each of the provinces in Spain. This one had a map on it, I'm pretty sure that I know some people from this town.


Oh and one more quick item. The man asleep in chair is back! This version is entitled "Portugese man asleep on park bench". This old fellas head kept falling back and nearly snapping off.


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Oktoberfest - it's everything I hoped for and more...

Beer really does taste better served by a wentch

sunny 20 °C

This one goes out to anyone who loves a beer, and likes that beer to be big, and likes it served by someone in costume.

After Greece, Hannah and I decided it was time to go where the beer flows like wine, and the women instinctively flow like the salmon of Capistrano. I'm talking about Oktoberfest. So we met Bim in Berlin, hired a car and headed south, via Cologne and the Black Forest. After getting through some questionable navigation from the girls, we arrived in Munich, and checked into the "cabin."

It was time for a beer.

Hannah with beers.JPG

Although Oktoberfest is not officially opened until 11:00 on the Saturday, some people still got pumped the day before.


We got up early and headed to the beer grounds. Many people come here in traditional Bavarian dress. It's even more awesome than the photos could ever show.

First morning ariving.JPG

People everywhere where super pumped, and the first beer didn't disapoint. Served by a wentch, carrying a ship load of beer in litre glasses, it was so sweet.

Beer load.JPG

Gang with beers.JPG

We found the locals loved their lederhosen's.


Plus they loved a photo with a stranger.


We also found that Beer Wentches were multi-talented. Not only could they serve masses of beer, they could serve masses of chicken, too.


Day two of Oktoberfest started much the same as day one, except we had a slight hangover. People still marched around in full kit.


And locals still loved to be in a photo.


At this stage, I'd like to point out that Oktoberfest is for everyone, even coyboys.


By the end of the day, we found we had met a lot of German people.

Hannah with guy.JPG

Bim with old guy.JPG


So that was Oktoberfest. Bim and I lost Hannah a bit on the last night, so we went on a couple of rides. Needless to say, rides after 7 or 8 litres of beers is not the best idea, but it sure is fun.

I'll leave you with one more picture of some Bavarian people, probably crazy.

Hugs and kisses to all,



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Sun, Sand and Dooza

Greece, the place is chocca's full of culture

sunny 26 °C

Hello blog checkers,

this one is all about Greece, namely, the Greek Islands. The place is brilliant, and a good time was had by all. Now for some photos...

Having been to Belgium in the cold, it was time for some sun. We packed up our stuff, minus the €5 tents, and headed south. Along the way to the islands, we stopped over in Athens, picked up Dooza, and headed for the islands


From there we hit Mykonos, a party island according to LP. But the beaches were the main attraction there

Mykonos Beach.JPG

Then Morto, Dooza and I headed to Naxos, where Melon, Anne and H. P. Runnalls where waiting after their demon hell ride from Turkey.
We soon rented quads, and were on our way..


Girls Bikes.JPG

Dooza loved it...

Dooza Bike.JPG

With the bikes, we quickly met some locals up the mountain.

Hanah and ..y Naxos.JPG

After mechanical troubles, we returned back for food, cocktails and a party...

Occies hanging Naxos.JPG

Group Cocktails.JPG

(the guy who took this photo told us it was a good one...)

PArty time NAxos.JPG

In Ios, it is not uncommon to see donkeys on the beach.

Donkey on beach Ios.JPG

At the end of our time in Ios, we fond a pretty cool bar, where we could hang out, and listen to former Australian Idol 7th place getter (and that IS an achievement), Millsy, at an open mic night.



Apologies to those wanting Millsy photos, we didn't take any of him, but we did find another "celebrity."

Dickie Knee.JPG

In Santorini, we went for the scooters, although Dooza couldn't handle the swings, and went for a quad instead. It was in Santorini that we found post card-esque scenery,


Santorini ..th Kerr.JPG

and a great sunset,

Oia sunset.JPG

although Dooza was a bit partied out.

Dooza partied out.JPG

We also found a great little spot to jump off,

Santorini jump.JPG

We figured the jump was about 5m high into some of the clearest and deepest water we'd ever seen. For the record, the jump was off the front corner of the island.

And possibly the highlight, a donkey ride up some stairs

Donkey Ride Kerr.JPG

Donkey Ride Hannah.JPG

Hannahs donkey was crazy, and even tried to go the wrong way. The owner soon stoped that, but I'm not sure any animal wellfair goups would approve of his methods.

After a few drinks in Santorini, we all headed our seperate ways, although "a few drinks" turned into a few more...

Hanah on b..ntorini.JPG

Bakery Guy.JPG

I think it was mandatory to wear helmets in this bakery, but I can't remember.

So that was Greece, a bucket load of fun.

A special mention goes out to Kinga and Will, their advice craps all over Lonely Planet. If you guys are considering a career change, travel writing is right up your alley.


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