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I got out of London Alive!!

and now I need some sun...

sunny 21 °C

Hello blog checkers,

this one has no pictures (boooo) because me camera broke in what can only be described as one of the most unlucky trips to London ever.

It started out normally, paying around $50 to get from the airport (never fly into Luton), to the city, where I met Sammy Darling. (A big thanks to Sammy for having me for an extended period). We dumped my bags and headed to the local, which is apparently also the Local of Feddy Ljungberg.

After a few days of drinking like a fish with Sam, I was about ready for some sight seeing. It was at this stage I realised my camera was stuffed, and that I wouldn't get any photos from London.

So after a week it was time to head to Dublin, so off to Stansted airport I went, not realising that evil deeds were being plotted. I got to the airport that was packed full of people, to see my flight was cancelled. The next flight to Dublin I could get on was 3 days later. So, after a $75 trial run to the airport, I returned to Sams place, and began drinking again.

At least I got my flight, but with no hand luggage. No Ipods, no sun glasses, and my passport and wallet in a clear plastice bag.


Next time there will be photos, but for now.....

Man Asleep in Chair:

Passed out old man.jpg

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End of an era

Partner trip winds down

sunny 31 °C

Our last entry as luxury travellers in the Peugeot Partner, sadly we hand our good friend over to the authorities today. She was a good car, she went all day.

Anyway our final blog cannot possibly live up to the dizzying heights of the last entry but here are a few photos for your viewing pleasure anyway.

Morto 019.jpg
Seriously considered purchasing this as a travel gift for a lucky recipient

Think no one can dance like Michael Jackson using two fingers and a hand puppet? Think again

(www.marcel.it for those who are intrigued and want to know more)

Picture 001.jpg
Our crash pad in Tuscany

Hengel, with shades like those, you can be my wingman anytime

Photo 001.jpg
Our Monaco GP came to a crashing halt when the Partner succumbed to engine failure after lap 5

Photo 002.jpg
Monte Carlo casino. Moof's tip "Red" unfortunately and tragically turned out to be ill-advised. Noodles and water for Morto for the next five days it seems

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Dubrovnik, same Bat time, same Bat channel

Sun, Sea and Scandanavians

sunny 32 °C

Finally the blog you have all been waiting for, since we last checked in with the rampant blog checkers out there we have travelled further down the trail and made it to Dubrovnik in southern Croatia. By all means possible this place has lived up to the hype given to it.

Here are some of the highlights of our visit to Dubrovnik:

Day One:

We arrived in Dubrovnik from Split after a scenic drive down the delightful Adriatic coastline. It took us bloody ages to find the place we were staying due to one way roads and poor signage.

We called the bloke from the Dubrovnik youth service and followed his scooter to our new home. Our hosts we very welcoming and spoke little English, but managed to say "No Problem" at least once per sentence.

Went walking throught the old town that night, top quality as old towns go and quality fortifications.

Day Two:

Morto 002.jpg
Went for a walk around the peninsula looking for quality beaches and nudist beaches (only for the culture points though... serious you see enough nudity at the beach as it is)

Morto 018.jpg
Went to the dodgy sounding and dodgy looking night club "Latino Club Fuego"

We had an awesome time with Dangerous Dave and Jono

Morto 006.jpg
Melon and Jono, got on like a house on fire when they realised that Jono knew Ed (Callaghan) and went out with a chick that used to live with Ed.

Morto 007.jpg
Dave and Irish friends

Day Three:

Went to the dodgy sounding and dodgy looking night club "Latino Club Fuego"

We had an awesome time with Dangerous Dave and Jono

We met plenty of people here the second night. Melon, Jono and a new Swedish friend.

Morto and Melon made a new Norwegian friend, Anna

Kerr and Hengel with Russian friends

Morto 008.jpg
Hengel with one of Dave's new Irish friends

Drunken debauchery

Later that night Kerr (and the rest of us) felt that some swimming to cool down was in order

Day Four:

Went to the dodgy sounding and dodgy looking night club "Latino Club Fuego"

We had an awesome time with Dangerous Dave and Jono

Morto 016.jpg
We met more friends tonight. Melon with Norwegian friend

By the end of the night Dangerous Dave couldn't take very good pictures anymore

Day Five:

Final day in Dubrovnik, we hit the beach again and waited until 11pm for our ferry to Italy. Our sleeping patches on the deck were awaiting us. After 8 hours on the boat with little sleep we arrived in Italy

For those of you out there who require more debaucherous information regarding our exploits during this period of time please feel free to email anyone (except morto, cos he is the biggest dog of the lot)

OK so it sounds like we didn't do much else than go to the dodgy sounding and dodgy looking night club "Latino Club Fuego" and go swimming, which is true. But we have plenty of nice photos of that sort of stuff for those interested, but that is boring...

...and back by popular demand... man in chair

Passed out old man.jpg

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