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Yes, the blog still exists! Even if no-one really cares about one lonely man grinding it out in London, with the dream of having his work phone ring without it being a wrong number. I call this stage of the journey Liam's Lonely Planet.

OK. Enough of me feeling sorry for myself. It was just quite difficult coming home to family, friends, sun, beaches, cricket, yum cha, belgian beer cafe, bimbos, whitey etc. and return to work, travelling to work, dressing for work, waking up for work etc.

OK. That was me feeling sorry for myself again. The trip to Australia was great. Thanks to all for making it such a good time for me. The following photos are some that I have from the all too short three weeks:

I don't actually think this photo is from New Years Eve but it has the same perfect ingredients that we had that night; rooftop views, Aussie beers (actually I might have bought Coronas), poker and hairy mates. Here's a close up:


And some not so hairy mates:
This one is thought to be the best Nathan Bracken/Fabio look-alike, and not the other way around.

Who needs Europe?! Beers in the Belgian Beer Garden. I close my eyes and I'm there:


Didn't manage to make it back to what was a dismal Boxing Day test, but I did manage to get myself down to see three of the Bushrangers Twenty20 matches. Good times. I think I'm a convert.


Hot pot was quality as always. The next mornings toilet punishment (x3) was painful as always. And the highlight of the evening was undoubtedly the look on the face of the owners when we gave them a tip of $60.

They earned it since they put up with this:

and this:
The new game sweeping the globe, Shoot-ems. And this photo shows the game at its nastiest.

I managed to make it to the Australian Open too. Even after everyone pulled out for various reasons, the prospect of seeing The Fish in action was too good an oportunity to miss and he didn't disappoint. He sent the forth seed crashing out of the open in four sets, well and truely after I had gone home. But here's the workhorse, Wayno (Arthurs):

and James Blake asking for my autograph:

And a couple more photos of treasured things in my life. Anne (at Cumberland River):

And Bimbos:

And I left all of the above, for this.....

Future Exciting adventures to look forward to on Liam's Lonely Planet:

Football extravaganza I have tickets a Premier League match this Saturday. At last. Newcastle vs Fulham. Plus, Hannah, Bim and I are going of to Loftus to watch the socceroos take on the Danes on Tuesday night next week.

Language difficulties with hilarious consequences Liam's planet will no longer be lonely when Kempo and Will hit China. Have you fellas left yet? Hopefullly these blokes will keep us up to date with Chinese happenings. There is sure to be a sensational story about Kempo and a Sichuan Hot Pot

The songsmith I already have tickets for me and Anne to go and see Donovan in concert in April. I have been pumping myself up with old clips of his on YouTube. Do yourself a favour.

Love to all. I'm out!

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Paddy Great pics of all the boys. Looks like you guys had a great time. Although you should have been deported for choosing Mexican Pee over Crownys, VBs or Carlton Draught... If anyone is coming the US. We are gathering a crew to roll out in Vegas even bigger than last year when Kerr rolled out with us. March 22-26.


by Dooza

Quality Melon, and Dooza, I'm counting the pennies to see if I can make it. Seriously, I'd do it all over again if I could.
The hot pot bought the memories flooding back, particularly the ring sting. Ah, summer in Mtown, so much better than Adelaide...


by MOB

Dear Melon,
You can laugh at me all you want in your snow-den/stinktown while I soak up some rays in golden Australia, where the beer flows like wine and the women instinctively flock like the salmon of Capistrano

by hengel

Fantastic work boobies. Fantastic boobies.
Great shoot-ems shot, if you have a higher-resolution version of that hot piece of photography please fire it in this direction.
And great work capturing yet another photo of Hengel exhibiting his incredible ability to abandon all traces of masculinity and his trademark arsehole-ness as soon as a camera is pointed vaguely in his direction.
Was that harsh? No. Ok cool.
We missed you on the futsal court the other night. Tough match against Carlton Asthmatic. I'm sure you've seen it - http://www.mobfc.info/ is a website you might want to check out from time to time.

I love you.


by andythompy

Where did that come from? That hurt my feelings "mate"...


by hengel

I'll tell you where it came from BUDDY.


by andythompy

Well I got something for you GAYLORD



by MOB

Yeah no problem CHIEF.


by andythompy


Hello Paddy!!

Being in the north west Tassie really sucks sometimes, especially when I see magical images of all my long lost college buddies yew-ing it up in melb, I miss all you bastards heaps. In fact I miss the contact of normal, cool humans full stop.

Anne is one of my most treasured things too Paddy! (I think a little tear nearly popped out when I read that)

love lots from Blairy, get smashed with Hannah and Bim!

by Blairy

Thanks for the comments folks. Although I'm not sure if I approve of all the advertising appearing on this site. In return, I hope these websites re-instate the MOB blog links that have gone missing from their sites.

Dooza: If I had not just taken a month of work I would be in Vegas in a flash. Don't forget to keep me updated with future trips. The money invloved in getting there is not a problem since it will all just be won back in triplicate.

Kerr: Say G'day to Little Ley Ley for me. And Grind those days away.

Thommo and Hengel: Are you guys sitting next to eachother while you're writing you hate mail? If so, I hope it came to blows.

Blair: Legend. Love your comments. Rest assured, Hannah and Bim and getting smashed regularly and I'm doing my best to keep up.

by MOB

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