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December 2006


I don't have anything to call this

rain 7 °C

G'day, and welcome to another blog.

This one is form Norway, where I have being trying (and failing) to keep dry. Yes, Bergen really does rain 270 days a year.

But, I have been travelling far and wide since I last checked in, so here a few photos of my adventures through Estonia and Scandinavia...


Estonia was pretty sweet, and there was snow here from the first day I got into Tartu. Below is Tallinn's old town square, covered in snow.

Tallin Square.JPG

I know the "pood" joke has been done, but it's still funny to me.

Suveniiri pood.JPG


When I got to Finland, the snow had stopped, and all the Finns were going nuts on the boat about duty free booze. Anyway, here is a statue I saw in Helsinki, strange...

Finland Statue.JPG

Everyone in Finland is still super vibed about the Eurovision win. Some people even had Lordi on their credit cards.



Most people know Swedish people have an amazing understanding of English, however, there are still some funny signs around.

Bar and kok.JPG

I would have sent this home as a Christmas present, but the store was closed.


Here you can see St George going to town on a Dragon (probably called Puff).


After catching up with Bjorn, I managed to go to a house party in Stockholm. All the way nice...

Sweden party.JPG


Oslo was an intersting place, my hostel was in the same area as drug dealers, prostitutes and junkies. I even saw a guy with the needle still in his arm. But, there was some cool stuff there, like the viking ship museum.


And the Norwegian Gaurd.

Norwegian gaurd.JPG

I then went on to Bergen. Here, I went up the cable car fow the views, only to get really wet on the climb down.


While in Bergen, I stayed with a friend that I made in Dubrovnik, Ingvild, and was treated to some nice Norwegian hospitality at another house party.

Girls 1.JPG

Finally, (for Thommo) a pumped up dog (Ingvilds).

So that's one of my final blogs (maybe one more), as I'll be back in Oz just after new years, hopefully for a BBQ and a few beers. I hope everyone has a great Christmas, and I'll see you all soon!




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