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¡Hola! from the weirdest ´Hostel´ in Europe

I spy a novelty photo or two

sunny 32 °C

Ahoy there all,

Our last entry from Espanola before we embark on the Partner trip and the madness that is the World Cup. The 25er edges closer day by day...

Brief highlights
- Ordering a round of beers at a pub that was pumping like nothing I´ve seen at 6am. Even weirder, this felt entirely appropriate. (Needless to say and true to form I washed up pretty hard though)
- The riot police turning up while we were celebrating with the Barcelona fans after the big win
- Seeing a team of ten year olds playing for Barcelona junior FC outside the Nou Camp throw tantrums (kicking bins, throwing boots) after losing 1-0 (we watched a whole half, it was quality)
- Our current hostel. Remember the tourists who turned up to steal our rooms just as people went home from St. Mary´s after they finished exams, we hated them. Now in Barcelona, we have morphed into those people- this college is brand new and has a pool though, sweet... Although we feel like sellouts and are so far out of the city, it´s hilarious because it´s so weird

Now to the good stuff
Yes in Spain Ricky has been made the patron saint of comedy (For ´What do you think of that? What? Lick It!´ and his Office dance)
The coolest dog ever. We sent it to Tommo but decided you should all share the goodness
Sorry couldn´t pick up a literal Spanish translation a la Pood, but we enjoyed this (going out to Melon for his efforts in Beijing)
On our tour of the Nou Camp, we came across one big fucker


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A pincho of photos from Espana

Una cerveza por favor

sunny 34 °C

A few photos from Kerr and I's time so far in Spain for your viewing pleasure.

Dudes with Accordions
Inappropriate photo pose #17
Dreaming of even sitting on the bench for $40 million a year
The piece of grass Pepsi Beckham works his Real Madrid magic from
Kerr with friends.JPG
Stumbling on a festival in Madrid, that's me in the suit behind Kerr
The celebrations following Barca's win here in Spain turned a little crazy as you can see. We were in the thick of it
Kerr washing Euro.JPG
Kerr washing Euro Style in Madrid with breadstick and soccer ball

Thanks for all the messages everyone, sorry not always the time for personal replies but hope things are super sweet.


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¡Hola! Kerr is on the web.

We played soccer with 3 hot Italian girls in Madrid!

sunny 33 °C


This one comes from Kerr with a lot of love.

I met Morto at out sweet, sweet hostel, where the staff non-English speaking staff have been great, although the no booze rule blows. However, in true Falls Festival form, vodka and OJ were smuggled in for our pre going out drinks. And, yes Gareth, it was warm.

Madrid is awsome, and afternoon siesters are so good. And everybody does it. The place really shuts down at about 3:30 until after 5:00, then it tapas time.

Tapas is one of the sweetest things here, so good and so cheap. We got a plate of pigs ears with potato for about €3.00. I'm not sure we'd recomend that dish, the catilige was a bit chewy.

As for my own travels in Italy, the food was great, the ruins were ruined and the food briliant, particularly in Napels, the birthplace of pizza. Having said that, eating a pizza with 7 types of cheese on it will give you some realy weird dreams. Sciliy is so mafia, every second shop is selling pin-strip suits.

Well, there are no photo's for now, but they are on the way, so watch this space...

Top Five Stray Dogs in Italy
1. The dog guarding some old statues in Pompeii. Some kind of mixed breed I think.
2. Another dog at Pompeii, a terrier, was just lazing in the sun working on a tan.
3. The massive German Sheppard who was wondering around at the port in Napels. He was loving it, even though it was pouring rain.
4. Two dogs (breed unsure), hanging out at the Colesium. I think if I was a stray dog taking another dog on a date in Rome, the Colesium would be ideal.
5. The brown dog outside the mum and pop run resturant in Napels. You just had to be there.

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