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So many things have happened since we last updated this blog, but all I can remember from the time is a diving Italian prick, an unfortunate Lucas Neill and a little Spanish referee who could.

We're out. The ride was great though. Even if it it did end in about the most shattering circumstance possible. One that Frank Farina could be proud of.

After thinking a little harder I can now think of some of the other things that have happened in the last two weeks. Some highlights of the trip since we last checked in......

1) Innsbruck, Austria. This place is magic. A city sitting in the middle of a huge valley and nestled by the river Inn. We went white water rafting here and managed to flip the raft on the very first bit of white water we found. We had been in the raft for about a minute. Awesome.

Form an orderly queue ladies

2) Liechtenstein. Actually, that wasn't a highlight at all. We just went there. Why not?

Shot from the Peugeot Partner catalogue, going out to Nick La Porta

3) Stuttgart. A definite highlight. We thought the celebrations were good in Kaiserslautern after the Japan win, but it was nothing compared to the way we celebrated after a draw! I hugged so many people in yellow shirts and have so many photos with random best mates for the night.

stutt sq.JPG
Thank you Harry
Litre beers make quality photography a little difficult

4) Czech Republic. Although overrun with tourists, Prague was a beautiful city, as was it's small village version, Cesky Kromlov. We spent five days in the country, drinking the best lager in the world, eating stodge and taking picture perfect photos.

drive road.JPG
Quality roads in Czech Republic as you can see, took 9 hours to drive 250km, Pilot Kerr was not impressed

5) Krakow. Not really a highlight either actually. We didn't see this city as well as we would have liked since we spent a day at Auschwitz. Needless to say, a happy enjoyable day it wasn't.


6) Budapest. Our current location. This city is beautiful with heaps to see and do, and we haven't even been to the Roman baths yet. I plan to spend the entire day there today.

bull by horns.JPG
Hengel's philosophy in life: Take the bull by the horns (Hengel wasn't actually posing for this either)
A detour is a choice between two tasks, each with their own pros and cons
hungary whip.JPG
Culture points meter broke after we maxed it out in Paris... sorry can't estimate the tally anymore

Sorry about the gap between the last few blogs. We are now promising each other for the third time this trip that it will never happen again.

Take care,

Liam and Michael

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