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I got out of London Alive!!

and now I need some sun...

sunny 21 °C

Hello blog checkers,

this one has no pictures (boooo) because me camera broke in what can only be described as one of the most unlucky trips to London ever.

It started out normally, paying around $50 to get from the airport (never fly into Luton), to the city, where I met Sammy Darling. (A big thanks to Sammy for having me for an extended period). We dumped my bags and headed to the local, which is apparently also the Local of Feddy Ljungberg.

After a few days of drinking like a fish with Sam, I was about ready for some sight seeing. It was at this stage I realised my camera was stuffed, and that I wouldn't get any photos from London.

So after a week it was time to head to Dublin, so off to Stansted airport I went, not realising that evil deeds were being plotted. I got to the airport that was packed full of people, to see my flight was cancelled. The next flight to Dublin I could get on was 3 days later. So, after a $75 trial run to the airport, I returned to Sams place, and began drinking again.

At least I got my flight, but with no hand luggage. No Ipods, no sun glasses, and my passport and wallet in a clear plastice bag.


Next time there will be photos, but for now.....

Man Asleep in Chair:

Passed out old man.jpg

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